Scouts-Maroons! Rivalry Resumes!

To a man your Scouts are individuals of formidable character. Dutiful in their familial and social obligations. Embodying the virtues of noblesse oblige. Slow to take offense, level-headed in the face of slight, and quickly able to recover from the sting of defeat.

These qualities, which permit them to keep the events on the base ball pitch in proper perspective, also enable the Sons of Sam Davis to maintain resolve when facing the game’s more humbling moments: the well-struck onion skillfully gathered, resulting in the striker’s retirement; the well-tossed onion from the pastures, though too late to catch the swift base runner, thus permitting the opposing side to record the tally; the other side’s taking the day, the job then becoming to offer congratulation and then retreat to the margins. In this gentleman’s game of base ball, all are well-served when proper deportment prevails.

Unfortunately, your Sam Davis nine found it difficult to maintain their equanimity this Sunday last on their home grounds. For on this day they had much to fret about in anticipation of, and ultimately, much to celebrate in their triumph over their Old Rivals, the formidable Maroon Club of Nashville. Indeed, “it was the best of times, it was the best of times” for your Stewart’s Creek Scouts, who prevailed by the unexpectedly comfortable margin of 20 tallies to the opposition’s 8.

Indeed, the Scouts could hardly be anything but eager to resume their rivalry against the very club who had bested them in the Sulphur Dell Cup finals match by a mere three tallies this past September. This memory was perhaps in the back of the minds of the Sam Davis bunch as they took to the pitch against the visitors, mindful also of the specter of the spirited contest before them.

In its early innings the contest proceeded as expected, with both sides exchanging tallies and maintaining a close, razor thin margin. With some fortunate bounces working in their favor by the middle innings, the Scouts gained an advantage that they would never relinquish. Particular accolades are due to Dutch and Tick-Tock, whose adroit gathering of onions about the pastures complemented their speedy perambulations about the base paths. The Old Man contributed some grand work with the willow, directing timely and well-placed salvos toward landings just beyond the grasp of the Maroons’ base minders. The Slow Poke once again exposed his moniker for the falsehood that it is, rapidly scurrying around the base paths for a much-needed tally.

Highest compliments, however, are due to Mitts, who showed his skills afield with some nifty gathering of well-struck onions. And in the game’s later frames, he captivated ballist and crank alike with a mighty blast which reached the very edges of the Sam Davis grounds, netting a three-bagger and securing a pair of tallies that turned the contest decisively toward favor of the Scouts.

Deservedly exultant in their victory last September, the Maroons were equally gentlemanly in defeat this April, offering their congratulation and showing their own good-natured composure in the face this adverse result. Your Scouts are due brief pause to enjoy this victorious moment, but will be back on the diamond, ashen-faced and even-tempered, as the next contest approaches.

That contest will take place at Old Hickory’s fabled Hermitage grounds, and is scheduled for April the 23rd. Your Scouts will be taking on the emerging Quickstep Club of Spring Hill. This is a side that is more than capable of changing the Icarus-like trajectory shown by the Sam Davis nine in the campaign thus far. Having enjoyed the favor of the base ball gods so far in this campaign, the Scouts also understand the fickle nature of those diamond deities. To a man, the side will do well to display a most composed disposition as yet another stern contest approaches.

All Scouts cranks are encouraged to look for the dispatch that will be sent by rail as the date draws near. Those considering attending are urged to bring a chair or a blanket for their comfort and victuals and libations for their nourishment. Hope to see you there!