Adam “Long Shanks” Howard


Long Shanks

Q: Long Shanks. How’d you get that nickname?

A: It was given to me by a fast-footed friend. I could almost out run him, as one of my strides equaled two of his.

Q: What bat do you use?

A: I just look for whatever willow Uncle Jessie is swinging. Although sometimes I’ll pick up a bat I’ve never used before, just to see if it will bring me good luck.

Q: What positions do you play?

A: I’m always in the Garden. Not always the same spot, but always in the Garden.

Q: What’s your favorite moment from last season?

A: Tick Tock and Uncle Jessie crossing the dish a half second apart at Bicentennial Park.

Q: What are you looking forward to most this season?

A: Playing some away games and seeing more of our beautiful state.