Dylan “Tick Tock” Platz

PositionBasetender / Scout

Tick Tock

Q: Tick Tock. How’d you get that nickname?

A: It all started when my Grandpa gave me a pocket watch when I was really young. He’s a watch and clock collector (literally hundreds) and over the years I’ve grown my own interest in timepieces. The pocket watch I wear when I play is that very same pocket watch I got as a child. Plus, no matter how hot it gets or how long the match lasts, I’ll just keep on tickin’.

Q: What bat do you use?

A: Last year, I switched it up every now and then between two Smacker Bats–the Slim and the Jackie. This year, though, the Addison will be my go-to.

Q: What positions do you play?

A: I’ll play wherever the team needs me at any given moment. But I tend to wind up at Short Scout, Third Sack, or the Garden.

Q: What’s your favorite moment from last season?

A: For certain one of my favorite moments was coming to the Scouts as a ‘mid-season call up,’ as we referred to it, and being welcomed with many a huzzah to lasting friendships. But I’d have to say my favorite base ball moment was figuring out how to adjust my throws from Third Sack to First Sack when Tiny was there one inning and Uncle Jessie the next! Perhaps one of my more memorable was being blind-side tackled by Tiny in a match that didn’t matter!

Q: What are you looking forward to most this season?

A: A bunch of tallies and another run at the Cup!