Scouts Heat Up Like the Summer

THE HERMITAGE, TN – As this Tennessee Summer presses forth into its hottest days, perhaps so too do the Scouts of Stewart’s Creek. For sure, in the Scouts’ latest match, the cranks watched beneath the large shady trees of Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage to watch the base ball club from Smyrna heat up right alongside the sweltering sun.

Having temporarily moved their home grounds from the Sam Davis Home to the Hermitage due to the unfortunate happenings earlier in the summer, the Scouts made their way along the lake to take on the visiting Machinists club from East Tennessee. Having bested the Machinists in years past, the Scouts themselves were coming off a difficult loss in Chattanooga and were not to take the next game lightly based on past performance.

Admittedly, the early morning heat was a common conversation piece among ballists on both sides of the grounds as they warmed long before the first pitch – with many of the players sweating during introductions as though they had already played a full nine innings. By the time the Scouts had been declared the home team with a Dutch victory in the bat toss, however, both teams were focused solely on plating aces across the dish – and the heat was just another of the field’s many oddities.

With the Scouts taking to the field first as the home team, the Machinists came to the dish ready and volleyed a number of line drives in between those ballists at the sacks and in the garden – and with a couple well-placed wormburners, the Machinists came out to a quick 2-0 lead before the Scouts could charge the third hand dead. The Scouts, however, haven’t tallied the second most runs in the league this season by giving up after early deficits.

Mayhaps the club felt the need to earn the sweat the cranks could see dripping from the brims of their bowlers in their first go at the plate, because the Lads of Summer came up to the dish with a determination rivaling that of Old Hickory himself. In fact, after a lead-off 4-bagger by Tick Tock, the Scotsman followed suit with a triple and was batted in on a single by Long Shanks. The hits kept coming as the Scouts made it all the way down the order and tallied a total of 5 across the dish by the time the Machinists could get out of the inning.

Having plated a number of aces in the first, the Scouts followed it up by playing stellar defense and continuing to whack the onion all over the Hermitage grounds, including long shots by both Bumpy and Mitts, who had a number of very important hits down the stretch of the game. In fact, if it could be said of any striker in the match, Mitts proved himself a clutch member of the squad in the later innings after the game had leveled out and become very close between two formidable opponents.

In the end, though, it was a combination of astounding defense and timely sequencing that led the Scouts to a victory over the visiting Machinists from East Tennessee. Had it not been for a few specific plays, including Iron Belly’s juggling catch behind the dish and Chief’s agile movement around the second sack, perhaps the Machinists tally a few more aces in the later innings and the match turns out differently. As it stands, though, the Scouts repeatedly conquered the heat and the moment with base knocks by every member of the squad – including late inning insurance from Cornbread and Skeeter Wells.

Ultimately, the Scouts pulled out a victory by the score of 15 – 12 and enjoyed the rest of the day under a rather large pine tree overlooking the grounds in which they had conquered.


The Scouts play next on the 6 of August in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia as they take on the elite Chattanooga Lightfoot club. The match is sure to be a doozy as the Scouts have suffered at the hands of defeat and enjoyed the fruits of total elation at the 6th Cavalry Grounds. You won’t want to miss how the club handles their chances this time!


25 July, 2016 – The Rutherford Herald