Scouts Persist; Distillers Desist

Under skies that threatened rain but never quite broke, the Stewart’s Creek Scouts took on the Distillers of the Highland Rim this Past Sunday. On this steamy day, the hot and heavy air likely accounted for a low-scoring, highly defensive contest. Still, the teams persisted. By virtue of a quartet of timely aces, tallied at strategic moments throughout the match, and with some stout defensive play on the damp and grassy turf, the Scouts ultimately triumphed by a score of 4-1.

The contest will likely be the side’s final ball match to be played at the storied grounds of the Sam Davis Home. It was fitting on this day that the Scouts would square off against their old rivals, the Distillers, who have proven their competitive starch in seasons past. In keeping with its highly defensive character the contest proceeded rapidly, with both clubs exchanging good-natured jests and showing grand play afield as the innings passed. Scoring single tallies in the first, fourth, seventh, and eighth frames, the Scouts built a small lead which held until the Highland Rim bunch plated a single tally in the final inning, thus accounting for the result.

The winning effort was led by Tick Tock and the Scotsman, the former showing grand form at the short scout position and the later wielding a fearsome willow throughout the match. The fine trio of pasture-minders, Shanks, Hay Bale, and Dutch, also contributed fancy plays which helped to keep the opposition in check. Indeed, on a day when the damp sod and heavy air kept many of the strikers out of their top form, the Scouts’ play afield proved essential to the final result.

Accustomed to prolonged perambulations, the Scouts enter the middle section of their season facing a pair of sojourns to the foothills of Appalachia, where they will take on both Knoxville teams during the month of June, sandwiched around another visit to the Ravenswood grounds. The return of the Stewart’s Creek nine to Rutherford County is slated for late July, and as that date approaches a representative from the side will reveal the location of their remaining home matches.

For now, however, we’ll end with this reassuring reminder: should you wish to join the Stewart’s Creek bunch in their immediate travels, please bring chairs and blankets for your comfort and victuals and libations for your nourishment.