Scouts Win Tense Match on Somber, Soggy Day

Twas a soggy day at Carnton, downpours threatn’ing to forestall
where Maroon and Scout had gathered for some spirited bae ball.

But finally the skies did open, and the ballists took the field,
trudging through the dampen’d grass as the rains at last did yield.

And with timely ace and well-made play, the Scouts took early lead
the Maroons kept matters close, however, as their innings did proceed.

After eight full frames, the match was close: the tally stood 6-4,
with each Scout afield determined to prevent any further score.

For through those eight frames their slim lead held—one thoroughly earned,
with timely ace and well-made play, fortunes to their favor turned.

With Mitts’ mighty blast and the Scotsman’s play, and Tick-Tock’s acrobatic feats,
and with Dutch securing his onions afield, the cranks rose from their seats!

But in later frames, through grit and guile, the Maroons set to even the score,
with timely strike and stellar play, they’d other plans in store.

So the mood was tense in that ninth frame as the Maroons took to the dish.
Their willows silenced in recent frames, the Scouts had but one wish:

With three more outs they would preserve their slim and hard-earned lead,
securing a grand triumph, a stellar win indeed!

Alas! For the Nashville nine, despite their grit, their moment was not to be.
For the Chief–hail Chief!–stood tall, with feats improbable to see!

For without that Keystone sacker’s doughty deeds of derring-do,

the Nashville nine might just have pushed a few more aces through.

Ranging left, and ranging right, snatching onions speeding past,
he made one final play—scarce to believe!—and retired the side at last!

And so was victory earned by the Sam Davis nine, to the wonderment of all.
But none turned sour or took offense when the Chief fielded another game ball.

Their fates thus then secure for yet another day, the Scouts have hearty shout.
The Maroons, though bested on this day, gave opposition stout.

And with these tidings thus recorded, we look forward to the week ahead—
to a lengthy eastern sojourn out to the Ramsey House Homestead.

Where the Scouts do battle this weekend next with the Knoxville Holsten nine,
a stout side now riding high in the wake of recent triumphs fine.

Those cranks who go to Ramsey house should chair or blanket bring,
As well as drink and victual—now that’s the perfect thing!