Speedy Scouts Circle Sacks

In temperament as much as in anatomical character, your 2017 Stewart’s Creek Scouts are seen generally as men of substance. Gravitas. Solidity. Formidability. In fact, many within their ranks show their fondness for the hopped and malted beverage, which perhaps contributes to this perception.  And while this tendency toward weightiness might serve them well within tense moments of a spirited base ball match, it seldom encourages swiftness afoot when those same ballists are seen circling the base paths.

So it is perhaps surprising that on a day when the Sam Davis nine were fortunate to strike the onion with their customary force and to gather it with uncommon skill, the most salient feature of their opening day triumph over the solid Lightfoot Club was found in their many hasty dashes around the sacks.  Indeed, while many of the more substantial Scouts are known customarily as base “runners” in the loosest sense of the term, they collectively demonstrated uncharacteristic dispatch and uncommon nimbleness in their perambulations around the inner diamond this Sunday last, efforts resulting in an 18-9 triumph over the noble Chattanoogans.

Their cranks are well aware of Tick Tock’s winged feet and Dutch’s comparable alacrity, and these Mercury-like features were certainly on display this Sunday last at Brentwood’s Ravenswood grounds. The Old Man showed some ginger about the base paths as well, and The Scotsman, no spring chicken he, was also seen stirring his stumps whilst moving between the sacks with characteristic frenzy.

However, such uncommon swiftness was shown by some of the side’s more “rooted” ranks.  Mitts sent a pair of mighty salvos out to the field’s deeper reaches and ended up with a three-bagger, which his teammates then celebrated with many a hearty whoop.  The Bunyan—as in Paul Bunyan—was unexpectedly cat-like in his perambulations around the diamond, at one point ending up on the second sack after pulling a wrong-sided liner toward the deepest reaches of the right pasture.  Perhaps now his alternate moniker—“the Puma”—will be invoked more routinely in future contests. Brass turned a regrettable moment—a clumsy stumble down the third base line–into a crackerjack show of deftness, scoring an improbable tally to the amusement of all.  Even The Slow Poke spent some time on the base paths as the innings proceeded.  An ace here, a few tallies there, a pair of four-spots here again—and so it went.  By the game’s middle frames the Scouts had opened a comfortable lead that the Lightfoot were, at least on this day, unable to surmount.

Such displays of pure agility are seldom demonstrated by the Sam Davis bunch, but it is hope that these results are the consequence of the rigorous off-season training regimen completed by all members.  Unrealistic expectations aside, however, the Sam Davis bunch was able to demonstrate some skilled play against a solid side and will look to continue this effort as the new campaign proceeds.

And proceed it will.  For this very upcoming Sunday your Sam Davis nine will be back on their home grounds, taking on their old rivals: the Sulphur Dell Champion Nashville Maroons.  The Nashville nine, coming off a season-opening triumph of their own, will help to establish whether the Scouts opportune speediness on the base paths is bona fide or whether it will be exposed as a mere fluke.

Those cranks wishing to attend this regular season opener at the Sam Davis Home are, as always, advised to bring a chair or blanket for their own comfort and victuals and libations for their nourishment.  The bat will be tossed at noon.  Hope to see you there!