‘Steps Stymie Soggy Scouts

On a day of downpours that would slake the thirst of Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner, and one in which Father Noah himself would have found it difficult to navigate, your Scouts took to the pitch on Old Hickory’s fabled Hermitage grounds to engage in a nautically-tinged base ball contest against the Quickstep nine of Spring Hill. Like two schooners approaching each other in hesitant anticipation of battle, the two sides squared off on a dreary day, with neither showing much in the way of competitive zeal.

But alas, the contest must proceed. And proceed it did, with the Scouts winning the bat toss and electing first to take to the sodden grounds. Like young boys skipping pebbles from the shores of a swampy lake, the Quickstep batsmen rapped out a series of hits in quick succession, quickly placing runners at the sacks and subsequently plating three tallies. With the rally finally doused, the Scouts took to the dish and proceeded listlessly to chip away, striking the soaked onion to their favor and soon taking the lead by a single ace. So proceeded the contest toward the game’s middle frames.

The field sodden, the onion soaked, and the willows rendered slippery on this showery day, neither side was capable of displaying much in the way of athletic grandeur. Nor was much in evidence. For this was to be a day when base tenders struggled to grasp the slick onion nor would the willows strike it with much authority. With the twin idioms of sailing and saturation now established, it is appropriate to introduce a new deluge-themed motif to describe the events leading to the outcome.

And thus the floodgates opened up as the Quicksteps took to the dish in their sixth innings, their batsmen sending out soggy and elusive salvos to the Scouts various base tenders and pasture minders who, to a man, struggled to apprehend the now oleaginous and elusive onion. Indeed, the drenched sphere seemed to take on a mind of its own, showing its determination to evade the Scouts fielders and turn events against them. To their credit, the Quicksteps were quick to take advantage of these sloppy miscues while plating seven aces, a torrent of tallies that would prove an insurmountable margin. While the Sam Davis nine would chip away at this lead in the later frames, a pair of timely aces by the Quicksteps in the final inning would lead to the result, a 13-10 victory for the denizens of Spring Hill.

Drenched and disappointed in defeat, the Sam Davis bunch knew nevertheless that they were bested by a superior side. Emerging from their watery slough of despond, however, your Scouts will dry out, gather themselves, and move forward. Hoping for better playing conditions and renewed spirit with the advent of May, the side will take to the pitch at the grounds of the Bicentennial Mall on May 7. On that day they will oppose their old rivals the noble Phoenix Nine of East Nashville. The bat will be tossed at noon, and those wishing to attend are urged to bring a chair or a blanket for their own comfort and victuals and libations for their nourishment. Hope to see you there!