Stewart’s Creek Nine Gets a Bump, Returns From Hermitage Grounds Victorious

Having tasted in nearly equal measures the sweet nectar of triumph and the ashen tonic of defeat in the first half of the Association’s current campaign, your Stewart’s Creek Scouts ventured once again to the hallowed grounds of the Hermitage Plantation to do battle with that venue’s home side, the Cumberlander Club.

The locals, having found their form in recent matches, looked to gain quick advantage on the Scouts, electing to strike first after winning the bat toss. For a brief moment this unorthodox stratagem seemed to suit the Cumberlanders’ plans, as they tallied two quick aces in their first inning. However, on this steamy July afternoon the Scouts were delighted to welcome back two familiar faces to their struggling side. Mitts was greeted warmly, his return especially celebrated when he took to the dish in the first frame and unleashed a mighty two-bagger to clear the sacks. Bumpy was also welcomed back to the fold, showing his pleasure with his return by striking two timely base hits and scoring an ace himself. Their roster filled for the first time in a long while, the Scouts seemed to elevate their play as a full side, soon regaining the lead. Their good fortune on this day was confirmed more strongly, however, as they took to the dish in their third inning.

In that big inning was the word. And for the Stewart’s Creek bunch, that word was “strike.” So struck the Scouts in that third frame, sending successive salvos to all fields and speeding around the sacks, recording thirteen tallies and surely establishing a club record for offensive prowess within a single frame. Indeed, the side also registered thirteen consecutive base strikes and soon jumped out to a commanding lead against the Hermitage home side. With that margin thus established the Scouts found themselves in that rare occasion where they might gain practice in holding their lead, an effort that proved successful as the contest progressed toward its later frames.

When the last out was recorded the Stewart’s Creek nine found themselves victorious, having plated twenty aces to the Cumberlanders’ six. With that successful outcome the Scouts improved their campaign’s record to a total of five triumphs against three defeats. Though buoyed by this result, the side awaits stern tests in the coming weeks. Even so, they hope to maintain their winning habits against two strong sides, the resurgent Farriers of Franklin and the always formidable Traveller Club of Brentwood.

This effort might be enhanced, or perhaps even complicated, by the fact that the Stewart’s Creek side take to the pitch at a new home venue: The Oakland’s Mansion, near the heart of Murfreesboro. Though our ball game has appeared on the local scene only recently, these familiar grounds have been among the first to feature acrobatic ballists deftly striking salvos and fielding speedy onions. The side is delighted to call this space home for the foreseeable future, and the Scouts hope to treat their cranks—old and new—to some days of spirited base ball. The first contest at Oaklands falls on July 30th (vs. Franklin), and a date on August 13th (vs. Brentwood) follows soon after. For those taking in our grand new game as a new experience, we offer this sage advice: please bring a chair or a blanket for your comfort and victuals and libations for your amusement. Bat toss at noon. Hope to see you there!